Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

Chan Wu Federation International takes promoting Gong Fu culture as its prime task. In teaching Chinese Gong Fu, it introduces traditional Gong Fu etiquette and disciplines and precepts to its students, encouraging its students to cultivate martial virtues and establish perspectives and values applicable in life. Chan Wu has established several rank systems to recognize its students achievements in martial arts practice through examinations. The competition structure and rules developed by Chan Wu Federation International are one of the most standard systems among the competitions of the same kind in Europe.

Today, Chan Wu has its member federations in countries including Hungary, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Spain, Denmark, America and Romania with more than fifteen thousand students. The member federations have become the most influential Gong Fu organizations in their home countries. In fact, the number of people learning Chinese traditional martial arts in schools authorized by Chan Wu Federations has exceeded a hundred of thousand.

Chan Wu Federation International will continue its efforts in building the concept of uniting Chan with Quan among its students and to promote the understanding that martial arts practice is not only to learn a skill and strengthen the physique, but also to cultivate the mind. It is the purpose of Chan Wu Federation International that its students meet challenges with Chan wisdom for the better appreciation of life.


US Open Martial Arts Championship 2015

#Competition Team# of Ranked Athletes
1Academy of Asian Martial Arts-
2Al Bender’s Kung Fu Academy2
3American National Martial Arts Kung Fu Center-
4Born-2-Win Martial Arts-
5Canada Shaolin Temple3
6Changrong Sun Taijiquan1
7Chen Tai Chi Academy-
8Cheung Martial Arts-
9Chin’s Martial Arts Academy-
10Chinese Martial Arts & Education Center2
11Combat Fight School-
12Crayton’s Martial Arts Academy-
13DiTan Wushu/Kung Fu-
14Fut Sao Wing Chun of Delaware-
15Green Cloud Kung Fu and Kickboxing-
16Hall of the White Tiger1
17I Liq Chuan-
18International Dachengdao1
19Jow Ga Kung Fu NYC3
20Kung Fu-US-
21Kwong Man Fong Pak Mei Martial Arts Association-
22Leung Shum’s Ying Jow Pai1
23Long Hu Pai-
24Martial Arts Development1
25NY Shuai Jiao Association-
26Nature Taiji Boxing-
27New Jersey Shuai Jiao Club-
28New York Combat Sambo1
29New York School of T’ai Chi Chuan1
30New York Shaolin Kung Fu Center-
31New York Wu Tang1
32Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy1
33Northern Sky Kung Fu Eagle Claw-
34Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy1
35Philadelphia Wing Chun-
36Rocky Point Martial Arts-
37Self Help Senior Center1
38Shaolin Temple-
39Sitan Tai Chi & Martial Arts2
40Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy-
41Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy1
42Wellesley Wushu-
43William C. C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan2
44Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy9
45Wushu Martial Arts of Staten Island-
46Wushu-Kung Fu Fitness Center-
47Xiaolin Martial Arts-
48Xin Hui Choy Lee Fut1
49Xin Wu Men Kung Fu School1
50Xin Yi Martial Arts School3
51Xinyi-Dao Kung Fu Academy3
52Yi Jing Mn School-
53Yin Style Bagua Zhang International1
54Yu Guo Shun Chen Tai Chi1
55Zhang Wei Dong Martial Arts-
56Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts School6
57Ziran Martial Arts-