Master demonstration at US Open Martial Arts Championship organized by the WFMAF

Rules for Internal Martial Arts

General Rules

  • Maximum performance time for All Internal Kung Fu Styles is 1.5 minutes; minimum performance time 30 seconds.
  • Salute to the judges upon entering ring, then announce to the chief judge your name and the form you will be performing.
  • Once an age group is announced to perform, the cut off time for competitors at that age group to enter the competition is 5 minutes.
  • All Internal Martial Arts styles are scored based on good stance, balance, power, and coordination; characteristics of the particular style performed and the representation of combat effectiveness.

Internal Martial Arts Styles

  • Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, & Other Internal Styles

Xingyiquan Characteristics

  • Expression of the whole-body power and short power
  • Display the storing and releasing of internal energy without external stiffness
  • Stepping must be agile and coordinated with the body movements
  • Each movement must be unison with the intention of the mind

Baguazhang Characteristics

  • Expression of the whole-body power and circular power
  • Display coiling of the body without external stiffness
  • Stepping must be smooth and coordinated with the body movements
  • Changing directions are done with hook step (kuo bu) and swing step (bai bu)
  • Each movement must be in unison with the intention of the mind


  • Beginner Under Belts: 6 – 7.5 points
  • Intermediate Under Belts: 7 – 8.5 points
  • Advanced Under Belts: 8.5 – 10 points


Internal Martial Arts performed at the US Open Martial Arts Championship