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2024 World Open Martial Arts Championship

Every year, the World Open Martial Arts Championship (WOMAC) attracts hundreds of elite competitors from around the world who come together in New York City to compete for medals and cash prizes, with diverse martial arts styles including form competitions (open hand & weapons) in Modern Wushu, Northern Kung Fu, Southern Kung Fu, Karate,  Internal Martial Arts, and Taijiquan, as well as combat competitions in Kempo Sparring, Point Sparring,  Push Hands,  and Self-Defense DemonstrationsThis is the first year( 2023) that we will have our Championship In Boston Metro Area. Our judges are experienced in judging national and international level competitions and possess extensive knowledge in their martial art discipline, thus ensuring the quality and professionalism of the WOMAC. 


The Martial Spirit In Competitions

Organized by the World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF), the WOMAC is an arena which promotes the core values of martial arts: self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others, the nurturing of personal growth, and the practice of inclusion of all people and cultures as a means to building a whole and healthy society. This tournament provides a unique experience for martial artists from around the globe to come together and compete in a fair and friendly atmosphere, to share skills and knowledge, to establish new friendships with those who share the same core values of martial arts, and to express these core values through actions. Come and join us on September 10th for our Annual Championship, and experience for yourself martial spirit hand in hand with one of the premier martial arts tournament events on the East Coast of the United States.

Generation Information

Schedule of Events

The detailed schedule of events is listed here: Schedule of Events

Date & Location
  • Date: October 5, 2024 (Saturday).
  • Location: Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center in Boston
  • Address: 1350 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120
Tournament Pricing
  • Registration for the first event is $75 per participant. $25 per participant for each additional event.
  • Group event registration (5-10 participants) is $200 per event.
  • Spectator fee is $20 per spectator (12yrs+) and $15 per spectator (5-12yrs).
Information For International Competitors

For international competitors, a free invitation letter with the competitor’s passport information will be issued upon request. For international teams, a team invitation letter with the passport information of all the team members will be issued upon request. Please send the request and scan of the passport(s) by email to

Registration & Deadlines

Register on our registration page until August 10th, 2023

A physical copy of the registration form can be viewed HERE.

Official Tournament Poster
Please download our official poster HERE
Tournament Awards
The Federation Tournament Awards consist of team trophies and individual competitor medals. The following is the Team Trophy Points Scale:
  • 1st place – 5 points
  • 2nd place – 3 points
  • 3rd place – 2 points
  • Regular Competitor for any division( 1 event)– 1 point
The team( school) wins most of the points will get a 1st place team trophy and $500 cash award, 2nd place team trophy team will get $250 cash award, and 3rd place team trophy team will get $150 cash award. Individual medals are awarded as follows:
  • 1st through 3rd place winners will be awarded a medal
  • In most advanced adult divisions, 1st through 3rd place will also be awarded a certificate. Please pick up your certificate in the designated area (specific to each tournament).
CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE MAILED. The tournament committee reserves the right to combine or divide categories at any time. The schedule may change without prior notice.

Competition Events

2019 World Championship Highlight

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