Kempo Kata

Rules for Kempo Kata

General Rules

  • All competitors will respect the judges and their fellow competitors.
  • Competitors can be ejected from competition for any behavior unbecoming of a martial artist at the
    discretion of the tournament staff.
  • Parents are not allowed ring-side. There will be areas designated for viewing of the competitors
  • We must respect the rules of the venue. An announcement, prior to competition, will be made as to what is allowed and not allowed in the venue (drinks, food etc.).
  • Sometimes extenuating circumstances occur and the tournament staff reserve the right to amend the terms of any ring.
  • Coaching, of any kind, will not be permitted. The person coaching will be warned once. The competitor, being coached, will be disqualified on the second infraction.

Forms/Kata (Empty Hands and Weapons)

  • From the time a competitor enters the ring they will be permitted three minutes to finish their
    form/kata: there is no minimum time.
  • Under black belt will be judged by three judges. Black belts will be judged by five judges with the low and high score dropped.
  • Competitors will be judged on precision, balance, timing, power, speed, intensity, difficulty and
  • In the event of a tie the judges will convene and determine a winner. If a winner can not be
    determined the center judge will determine the winner.
  • Competitors are encouraged to stay in the confines of the ring. We understand style differences and require the competitor to communicate to the head judge if more space is needed. PLEASE, keep techniques away from the judge’s immediate surroundings.
  • A competitor that makes an obvious mistake will have .5 deducted from the score.