To support the mission of World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF), we offer membership to individuals, schools, and established organizations. Our participating members come from North America, Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. The WFMAF also offers individual membership to practitioners of traditional fighting martial arts systems around the world.

By becoming a member, WFMAF provides all members with a welcome letter, a membership certificate, eligibility to apply for black belt, dan rank, instructor, and judge certifications, and discounted price to our premier events.

What It Means To Become A Member Of The WFMAF

WFMAF membership means that you belong to an international martial arts organization, which is built on the network and wealth of resources of our committees’ members, and many of whom hold nationally and internationally recognized master level certification in their fighting martial arts systems.

The WFMAF’s membership certificate with your name on it demonstrates your commitment to the practice, teaching, research, development, and promotion of martial arts, and it also shows people that you are officially recognized a reputable international nonprofit organization.

All members are eligible to apply for black belt certification, dan rank certification (1st Dan to 9th Dan), instructor certification, and judge certification. Applicants will be evaluated under the supervision of the WFMAF’s Ranking & Certification Committee, and the panel of evaluating officials are highly accomplished and renowned masters in their martial arts systems.

The WFMAF hosts and promotes several premier events in the U.S. annually. The World Open Martial Arts Championship is one of the international level martial arts competition events in the United States. Hosted in New York City, with beginner through elite competitors from around the world.

All WFMAF members receive discounted price to our events, and is eligible to a free invitation letter to one of these events signed by the president of the events upon request. In addition, we host martial arts seminars taught by renowned martial artists in their fields, and we provide our members with discounted access to these seminars.