Dan rank award ceremony organized by the WFMAF with attendance of worldwide renowned martial arts masters.

The World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF) recognizes and honors those who have made significant contributions to traditional fighting martial arts systems around the world.

Criteria for Induction

  • You must be nominated by a member of your organization or by a member of the WFMAF.
  • You must submit an application that includes your photo and your CV listing your accomplishments and achievements in the promotion and development of traditional fighting martial arts systems, and email it to info@wfmaf.org.
  • Upon acceptance into the WFMAF Hall of Fame, a date will be set by our Executive Office of the President for the official induction ceremony and presentation of the WFMAF Hall of Fame plaque.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be certified by your organization or school as an instructor in one or several fighting martial arts systems.
  • You must have a minimum of 30 years active involvement (including teaching, judging, promotion, and development) in fighting martial arts systems.


  1. Tony loco LoCoco was one of the first Professional Kickboxers licensed by the Oklahoma State boxing Commission . He is one of the best fighters to come out of the state of Oklahoma. Winning a WAKO World Championship in 1999.

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