New York Shaolin Kung Fu Center

The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center has been established for the purpose of bringing this great Chinese martial arts into the 21st Century. At the Center, Shifu Hengxin, with Shimu Arlene demonstrate movements in great detail and take a personal interest in each student’s progress. With a philosophy focused on meditation, concentration and dedication, they believe one can overcome and succeed in anything. In a general sense, Shaolin Martial Arts can be described as the integration of the External (physical) and the Spiritual. Training for all students begins with External development. Physical development is achieved through a combination of conditioning, stretching, learning fundamental techniques, correct breathing, and open hand forms. The mastery of the fundamental techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu provides a student with a strong foundation on which to build their martial arts skills. To ensure that students truly internalize the mechanics of Shaolin Martial Arts, much emphasis is placed on the details involved with proper basic techniques. As students gain physical conditioning and progress in the basic techniques, they are taught more advanced traditional open hand forms. Training in traditional weapons is introduced into the curriculum to further develop coordination, to strengthen the body and to further a student’s martial skills. As they train, students increase their strength, energy, and martial techniques while increasing concentration and self-discipline. This takes place in an atmosphere where integrity, discipline, hard work, and humility are valued and emphasized. As a whole, Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center teaches not only physical movement, but also self-respect, self-discipline, self-awareness and self-evaluation. These qualities are necessary not only to succeed as a martial artist, but also to succeed in every aspect of life. The Center welcomes beginners, the learned, the old and the young.