Shuai Jiao competition at US Open Martial Arts Championship organized by the WFMAF

Rules for Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling)

The Shuai Jiao Division is overseen by Shuai Jiao US

 General Rules

  • The Age Limit for Shuai Jiao is 18 – 45 yrs.
  • If there are less than 2 competitors in an age group, the judges reserve the right to combine age groups.
  • Mandatory Safety Equipments: Shuai Jiao Jackets, wrestling shoes (all other soft soled shoes subject to approval), long pants, and support cup
  • Unless competitors already have their own uniform and equipment, the tournament will provide: Shuai Jiao Yi (Jacket) and Shuai Jiao Dai (Belt) to indicate Blue or Red. The contestants should also wear: Shuai Jiao Kuzi (martial arts trousers) the preferred option is Blue trousers with a Red Stripe. Black martial arts trousers are also acceptable. The contestant should also wear Shuai Jiao Xie (Wrestling Boots) or martial arts shoes. The wearing of jewelry, piercings and other adornments is strictly prohibited.
  • The format for the match will be continuous sparring. During the match time will be stopped for: offenses and warnings; uniform and equipment failure; and to seek medical advice.
  • Weigh-in time is 8a.m. to 9:30a.m. at the Shuai Jiao ring. If a competitor missed the weigh-in time,  weigh-in will take place at the time when the competitor is called to compete.

Duration of Bout

  • Each bout is 3 rounds; each round is 2 minutes with 30 minute rest in between each round.

Allowed Styles

  • All wrestling styles are welcome to participate under the Shuai Jiao rules
  • Sambo, Mongolian, Freestyle, Greco-Roman

Allowable Techniques

  • Throwing, sweeping, takedowns, wrestling, standing grappling, and shoot techniques; use opponent’s jacket, belt, or limbs to execute allowable techniques.

Illegal Techniques

  • Strike the opponent with the head, digits, palm, fist, forearm, elbow, knee, shin or foot; bite, spit or gouge the opponent; attempt to dislocate the opponent’s joints; attempt to break the opponent’s bones; pull the opponent’s hair; pull the opponent’s trousers; pull the opponent down once thrown; continue to grapple on the area once the opponent has been thrown; stamp or stand on the opponent’s foot; use the hand or forearm to cover the opponents face; and block continuously (to a count of 5 seconds) without attempting any techniques.


  • Competitors will be matched by gender, age and weight, in the first instance, to the following weight categories. If there are insufficient numbers to run a category (i.e. less than two contestants) then categories may be combined at the discretion of our judges.

Scoring Points

  • 1 Point
    • Contestant remains standing whilst causing the opponent to touch down on the area with: a hand; an elbow; or a knee.
    • Contestant throws/sweeps/takes down the opponent causing them to land on their back; and lands on top of the opponent’s torso.
    • Contestant forces the opponent to step out of area. Opponent falls through his/her own imbalance.
  • 2 Points
    • Contestant remains standing while causing the opponent to touch down on the area with: one hand and one knee; both hands; both elbows; and/or both knees simultaneously.
    • Contestant remains standing while effectively sweeping or throwing the opponent causing the opponent to land on his/her head, side, chest or bottom.
    • Contestant effectively throws the opponent causing the opponent to land on his/her side or back; and remains standing.
  • 3 Points
    • Contestant effectively throws the opponent, causing the opponent to rotate through a minimum of 180 degrees and to land on his/her back, and constestant remains standing and balanced.
  • No Points
    • Both contestants fall simultaneously or leave the area without the use of recognized technique or acceptable countering or finishing technique.
    • Competitors may use the following techniques: Shuai Jiao (throwing, wrestling and standing grappling); Kuai Chiao (fast throwing – shoot techniques); Da Shuai (open hand techniques to throw/sweep/take down); Na Shuai (joint manipulation to throw/sweep/take down); Dian Shuai (pressure point manipulation to throw/sweep/take down). The competitor may make use of the opponent’s jacket, belt, or anatomical handles to execute his/her technique.

Winning the Match

  • The winner is determined by the highest score at the end of the two rounds. In the event of a draw the Executive Referee and Assistant Referees will meet with the Chief Referee to determine the winner based on the most technically active performance.

Warnings and Penalties

  • The Referee may give a private or public warning, or disqualify a contestant depending on the seriousness of a foul or offense.
  • First Warning: no point penalty.
  • Second Warning: one point penalty.
  • Third Warning: disqualification.

Weight Classes

  • Men’s Featherweight: (145 lbs & Under)
  • Men’s Lightweight: (146 – 155 lbs)
  • Men’s Welterweight: (156 – 170 lbs)
  • Men’s Middleweight: (171 – 185 lbs)
  • Men’s Light Heavyweight: (186 – 205 lbs)
  • Men’s Heavyweight: (206 lbs & Above)
  • Women’s Lightweight: (125 lbs & Under)
  • Women’s Welterweight: (126 – 135 lbs)
  • Women’s Middleweight: (136 – 145 lbs)
  • Women’s Light Heavyweight: (146 lbs & above)
  • If there are less than 2 competitors in an age group, the judges reserve the right to combine age groups.


Shuai Jiao at the US Open Martial Arts Championship

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