Compete Nationals Karate Championship


Ontario, California, USA

Bring out your best! Come to COMPETE! The largest, most prestigious martial arts championship on the West Coast! We look forward to welcoming you again at the beautiful Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California for a world class martial arts competition.

Addition of the “Traditional Challenge” Form Division: A few of the World NASKA tournaments in 2014 offered the “Traditional Challenge” divisions as an extra form division with very good attendance and acceptance. This year NASKA has standardized the “Traditional Challenge” in Form and has made it a required division at all NASKA World Tournaments. Three “Traditional Challenge” Black Belt Form divisions will be offered: 18+ Men and Women (combined), 14-17 Girls and Boys (combined) and 13 & under Boys and Girls (combined). The winners of the “Traditional Challenge” Form Divisions will go into the appropriate Form Grand Championship based on age, sex and style.

Splitting Overall Form Grand Championships: NASKA will be splitting the Adult 18+ Men’s Overall Form Grand Championships into Traditional and CMX Overall Grand Championships.

Splitting Sparring Overall Grand Championships: We will be splitting 18+ Men Sparring Overall Grand Championship into Overall Light Weight Grand Champion and Overall Heavy Weight Grand Champion.

Prize Money has changed: Because additional Overall Grand Championships have been added in from and Sparring, prize money distribution had to be changed slightly.

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