International teams participating at the US Open Martial Arts Championship

Showcase Your Skill on An International Stage

Competition Fee

  • Competition Fee: $300 (Includes 2 Events or Ultimate Sanda Event)
  • Each Additional Event: $10
  • Competition fee is non-refundable
  • Fee for additional events can be paid in cash at the competition
  • Online Registration

Note: “International competitors” category applies to participants residing in a country which requires a visa invitation to participate at
the US Open Martial Arts Championship (USOMAC).

Competition Package

  • Complete Registration Package:
    • Competition Flyer
    • Schedule of Events
    • Rules & Regulations
  • Individualized Invitation Letter:
    • With the full name and passport number of the competitor
    • Signed by the President of the Championship Committee
  • International competitors are responsible for their own Visa application

Compete At Reduced Price

Pay the standard registration fee instead of paying the international registration fee.

By helping the USOMAC with its social media promotion, all of the competitors from your international team are eligible to compete at the reduced price. The following is a list of social media promotion promotional activities required of your international team in order to compete at the reduced price. An invitation letter will be issued to your team by the USOMAC.

Create a Training Video of Your Team

  • Create a training video of your team preparing for the USOMAC.
  • The minimum length of the video is 3 minutes.
  • Include in the content of your video a simple introduction of your team/school, a simple explanation of why your team wants to compete at the USOMAC, and actual training or teaching footage in preparation for the USOMAC.
  • Agree that the video material will be used by the USOMAC for public promotional purposes.

Promote USOMAC on Social Media Sites

  • Conduct weekly social media promotion for the USOMAC in the time leading up to the competition.
  • Social media promotional sites include: Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.
  • Make at least one post of the USOMAC’s event promotion page, Facebook’s event page, and the official WFMAF website.
  • Make posts of the USOMAC’s media materials, including photos and YouTube videos.
  • In the time leading up to the competition, conduct weekly postings, (at least 2-3 times per week), of the USOMAC’s photos and YouTube videos.
  • Invite martial arts friends to the USOMAC’s Facebook event page.
  • Invite martial arts friends to like the USOMAC’s and the WFMAF’s Facebook pages.
  • These social media promotional activities should be conducted using either your team’s social media page, or the social media page of the Head Instructor or Master of your team.

Terms & Procedures

– By agreeing to conduct all of the social media promotional activities listed above and by paying online the standard registration fees for all the competitors of your international team, the USOMAC will provide your team with one letter of invitation listing the passport information of all the competitors of your team.

– By registering to compete at the reduced price, the USOMAC has the right to monitor and ensure that all of the required social media promotional activities listed above are fully conducted by your international team. If any of the required activities listed above are not fulfilled, the USOMAC has the right to increase the fee to $300 for each competitor of your team.

– To apply for your international team to compete at the reduced price, please send an email to stating that your team agrees to conduct all of the required social media promotional activities listed above on this page.

– After receiving your team’s statement, the USOMAC will send your team an email confirmation and request each competitor from your team to pay online the standard registration fees. Once the payments are received, your team must to provide us with the scanned passports from all of your team’s competitors. After receiving both the payments and scanned passports, on the same or the following day, the USOMAC will provide your team with the invitation letter.

If your team has any questions regarding competing at the USOMAC at the reduced price, please contact us by email at

Premium Package

  • October 14th: Transportation from the airport to the hotel
  • October 15th: Martial Arts Forum and Health & Longevity Forum
  • October 16th: Competition at US Open Martial Arts Championship
  • October 17th – 24th: Tour New York City, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, Boston, New York City, Long Island, & business exchange
  • October 25th: Transportation from the hotel to the airport
  • Package Fee: $4500/person (12 days)
  • Fee includes: invitation letter, competition registration fee, transportation from and to the airport, airfare, room and board, celebration banquet, discussion forum, competition, tourism, business exchange.
  • Fee does not include: Any additional fee from tourism not listed above; any personal expenses (laundry, telephone, fax, internet, supper, luggage carrying fee at the airport and/or hotel, shopping, etc), dan rank evaluation and certification fee, WFMAF’s membership certificate.

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