Wu Shen Tao Health and Martial Arts

Wu Shen Tao Health and Martial Arts’ roots sprang from seeds begun in the Silver Spring/Takoma Park area beginning in 1985 and has developed over time, a comprehensive curriculum for training in the Holistic Health and Martial Arts. Unfortunately, in this country, many people associate martial arts with violence or with the super athlete. At Wu Shen Tao, we do not stress violence, nor will you be required to engage in activities for which you are not ready. Our goal is to introduce you to the spiritual, martial and/ or health related aspects of training by offering a variety of programs ranging from Qi Gong, Tai Chi (Tai ji) and meditation to self-defense and combat weaponry with many choices available in between.
Although competition is not a requirement for study, we have trained over 3 dozen national championship gold medal winners. Competition is considered only one more self- challenge that helps to determines ones’ focus and efficiency in the midst of chaos. It is a test of our will and sobriety in the face of noise, unpredictable distraction, and our own insecurities. It is just another way to test and measure our skill and progress.

Our main focus is to assist anyone, of any age to develop more strength, skill, mental and physical agility, and centered calmness so that one may create an improved mind and spirit in a new and improved body.

Our traditional perspective stresses substance over flash, cooperation over cliquish separatism, and health over mindless aggression. Reducing day to day stress, improving ones cardiovascular fitness, improving ones awareness and their ability to connect to ones surroundings are just the tip of the iceberg related to the many new abilities and insights that may be gained through our training regimens.

Pushing in Shanghai One of our Specialities
Pushing in Shanghai
One of our Specialities

We have trained many students who have come from Washington DC, VA and MD in Tai Chi, Xing I, Bagua, Swordplay and Pushing Hands. Group classes in Tai Chi Chuan (Tai ji Chuan), Xing- I Chuan (Hsing Yi Chuan), Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Bagua Zhang (Pakua Chang), Olympic or Asian Style Sword Play, Internal Pushing Hands, Qigong, and Self Defense are available to the beginner through advanced level practitioner. Private lessons are available in these subjects as well as in Eastern and/ or Western body work, Taoist and Shamanic Theory and Health practices, or Instructor training and Certification.

Shaolin kids drop stance

We have found that young children benefit from our training outside of the school as evidenced by improved school grades and a more relaxed and less contentious attitude at home. College students reduce stress and improve focus and memory to assist in their studies. Parents reduce stress, and have more energy to devote toward their families and professions, while our older students improve, balance, sharpness, strength and coordination. What can we do for you?? Come in or contact us to find out!