Master Lei Cui, born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, is a famous 5th generation master of Liang style Bagua Zhang.

In 1982, he began to learn an internal style of martial arts called Bagua Zhang from Master Xuefan Zang, who is a 4th generation master of Liang style Bagua Zhang. From that time on, Lei has practiced Bagua Zhang every morning for over thirty years. During this time, Lei honed his skills by also consulting with some of the foremost experts in the Bagua Institute, like Ziming Li, Zijian Lv and Xirong Pei. Under the guidance of these senior masters, Lei perfected his abilities and is currently considered to be the best Bagua martial artist of his generation.

In 2014, he came to the United States to further pursue his career as a martial artist. On April 12th, Lei won first place in Bagua Zhang and Bagua Deerhorn Knives in the 4th Annual “Steel City” International Chinese Martial Arts Championship. Then on May 25th, Lei placed first in three more events – Bagua Zhang, Bagua Broadsword and Bagua Deerhorn Knives in the 2014 New Jersey International Wushu-Kungfu Tournament.

Lei has developed his own understanding of Bagua Zhang based on thirty years of continuous practice. He thinks that circle walking is essential, since it is the key to practicing the internal strength from one’s feet. In addition to traditional circle walking training, Lei has creatively applied Dacheng Quan and Xingyi Quan’s standing pole postures to Bagua Zhang’s basic training. From the standing pole postures training, the mind is focused while the body is relaxed. The internal and external environments are unified, as well as the flow of breath and blood, and form and idea. It is a practice of both the body and the mind. Lei believes that one can accumulate qi by standing pole postures while training of qi by circle walking. Combining these two approaches increases both the internal and external strength of the body to maintain health. Due to his expert skills, Lei was appointed the chief instructor to further promote the development of Bagua Zhang in Bagua School in Jilin Province. Presently, he has over 200 disciples.

Nowadays Master Lei Cui is in America, and would like to have the opportunity to popularize Chinese martial arts in America, so that overseas Chinese and Americans can become acquainted with the so-called “magic Chinese Kungfu”.

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