Kempo Sparring

Rules for Kempo Sparring

General Rules

      1. All competitors will respect the judges and their fellow competitors.
      2. Competitors can be ejected from competition for any behavior unbecoming of a martial artist at the discretion of the tournament staff.
      3. Parents are not allowed ring-side. There will be areas designated for viewing of the competitors
      4. We must respect the rules of the venue. An announcement, prior to competition, will be made as to what is allowed and not allowed in the venue (drinks, food ect.).
      5. Sometimes extenuating circumstances occur and the tournament staff reserve the right to amend
        the terms of any ring.
      6. Coaching, of any kind, will not be permitted. The person coaching will be warned once. The competitor, being coached, will be disqualified on the second infraction.

Point Sparring

    1. All matches are 2 minutes in length unless a competitor reaches five points before the time has expired.
    2. The competitor that reaches five points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie (time expiring) the competitor who scored the first point will be declared the winner of the match. One point will be awarded for all techniques (kicks and punches) landed to a target area.
    3. Legal target areas are the torso in front of the arms and above the belt, the rib area just behind the arms and the head area covered by protective gear. Face contact will be avoided along with strikes below the belt.
    4. Only the center judge may stop the clock. If the competitor needs time (faulty gear, injury etc.) they must communicate that to the center judge.
    5. Fouls will be defined by the center judge. On the third foul the competitor will lose a point and will lose a point for every foul after. If the competitor has no points a point will be awarded to his/her opponent.
    6. A competitor can be disqualified for even one foul at anytime if that foul is deliberate and/or excessive. All eliminations are at the discretion of the center judge.
    7. Sparring is an elimination event. At the end of the match the winner moves forward and whoever loses is eliminated. Byes are at the discretion of the tournament staff.
    8. Protective gear is required. Feet, hand and head gear must be worn. Mouth guards for all and groin protectors for males are required. Staff will determine if gear is appropriate.
    9. Sweeps and take-downs are not permitted. Leg checks are permitted in the form of a block.
    10. All points must be scored in the marked ring. A competitor can score and be scored on if one foot is in the ring.
    11. After all matches are completed, winners will be announced (1′, 2nd & 3rd). Medals will be awarded at ringside at the conclusion of the event.

Additional Rules

  • Unfinished routine – competitors of any event  leave the area of competition midway with the routine unfinished shall not be scored.
  • Forgetfulness – each occurrence of last memory shall result in a deduction of 0.1-0.3 according to the severity of the case. A subsequent pause affecting the rhythm of the movements shall result in a deduction of 0.1; a long pause 0.2; and pause leading to confused movements in a deduction of 0.3 point.
  • Weapon tangle/cut in the uniform, or touching the floor (if is recognized as not a part of the technique) shall result in a deduction of 0.1 point for each occurrence.
  • Dropping weapon/s on the ground shall result in a deduction of 0.5 point.
  • Loss of balance, tripping, shall result in a deduction of 0.1 for each occurrence, and a subsequent fall to the ground in deduction of 0.5 point.
  • Restarting routine – shall result deduction of 1 point 
  • A competitor’s performance of the routine is interrupted by uncontrollable circumstances and may repeat it with the head judge’s approval without point deduction!
  • Extra acrobatic movement in traditional styles should not be taken in consideration for extra point scoring.
  • No flexible blade weapon (modern Wushu weapons) should be used in traditional divisions.