Push Hands Competition 2016 at US Open Martial Arts Championship

Push hands competition video at the 2016 US Open Martial Arts Championship.

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US Open Martial Arts Championship

Every year, the US Open Martial Arts Championship (USOMAC) attracts hundreds of elite competitors from around the world. They gather here in New York City to compete for medals and cash prizes, with diverse divisions including form competitions (open hand & weapons) in Kung Fu (Northern & Southern), Karate, Contemporary Wushu, Taijiquan, Internal Martial Arts, and Taekwondo, as well as combat competitions in Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Ultimate Sanda, Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling), Push Hands, Chi Sao, Short Weapon Sparring, and Arnis Stick Fighting. Our judges are experienced in judging national and international level competitions, and possess extensive knowledge in their martial art discipline, thus ensuring the quality and professionalism of the USOMAC.

The Martial Spirit in Competitions

Organized by the World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF), the US Open Martial Arts Championship is an arena which promotes the core values of martial arts: self-discipline, respect for others, and an overall attitude of kindness toward all people. This tournament provides a unique experience for martial artists from around the globe to come together and compete in a friendly atmosphere, to share skills and knowledge, to establish new friendships with those who share the same core values of martial arts, and to express these core values through actions. Come and join us on October 1st and experience for yourself martial spirit hand in hand with one of the premier martial arts tournament events in the East Coast of the United States.

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