Shifu Raul Ortiz

Master Raul Ortiz is an 8th generation closed door disciple and successor of Grand Master Lee Kam Wing of Hong Kong. Master Ortiz has been training in the martial arts for the past 40 years. In those years he has trained with some of the best masters in their particular disciplines. Master Ortiz is certified to teach the following combat disciplines: 7 Star Mantis Style, Thai Boxing/San Da, Escrima/Kali/Arnis, Taijiquan. Master Ortiz retired from competition in 1998 while holding the undefeated title New York Kung Fu Champion for 13 years in Fighting, Weapon, Forms and 2 World Champion Fighting, Weapon, Forms title.

He has been inducted into 4 Martial Arts Hall of Fames a) World Professional Karate Organization b) Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame c) United International Kung Fu Federation d) Latin American Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master Ortiz was a member of the “Miller Lite” National Karate Team/representing Kung Fu, a former bodyguard to the Helmsleys (Harry/Leona), and security for celebrity NYC nightclub “Rascals”. Master Ortiz was also tactical instructor to various tactical team members of the NYPD and Westchester County PD. In 1987 at the age of 27 he was approached by Panther Productions to do a series of Mantis Kung Fu videos, which have sold worldwide.

This has led him to travel around the USA and Puerto Rico conducting seminars on Mantis Boxing and San Da. Master Ortiz has produced many champions in Kung Fu and San Da, and his strict ethics of constant kung fu training has helped his art mature with him. Master Ortiz started his own production company called “Real Life, Real Kung Fu”™ which brings you the best and effective kung fu masters on dvd. Master Ortiz is featured in the documentary URBAN DRAGONS Black & Latino Masters of Chinese Martial Arts. He has dedicated his life to the preservation of Traditional Kung Fu and to passing his knowledge and benefits to all who have crossed his path. He believes that if he has inspired just 1% of the people he’s come in contact with, then he has done his job. “When I became a Sifu I linked myself to the past and the future.”

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