Grandmaster George Crayton Jr. serves as Honorary Vice-President at the US Open Martial Arts ChampionshipGrandmaster Crayton is the founder and master instructor of Crayton’s Martial Arts, in Chinese called “Long Hu Pai” (Dragon Tiger Association), and the kung fu system, “Huan Shou” (Changing Hands Style). Crayton is referred to by the title “ZongShi” (Grandmaster/founder) and holds high ranks in other styles as well.

Born and raised in Harlem, George Crayton Jr., ZongShi is the pioneer who brought the strength, beauty and grace of Kung-Fu into the East Coast tournament scene. Over 50 years ago ZongShi Crayton began studying with his father, George Crayton Sr., who later introduced him to Grandmaster Lee Hung Yea. ZongShi became a direct disciple to the Honorable Grand Master Lee Hung Yea. ZongShi now also studies Chen style Tai Chi under Grandmaster Liu Chengde of the Hong Chuan Chen style of taijiquan in Jinan, China. In July 2011 Crayton became a direct disciple to Grandmaster Liu Chengde.

Well known in Shandong Province for his ability to apply techniques effortlessly, Grandmaster Liu Chengde teaches his application oriented art every morning on Lang Mao Shan Mountain to instructors from all over China, and visiting students from France, Japan, Italy, Iran, Canada and the United States.

Crayton performed at the Wong Fei Hung’s Memorial Museum in Fut San City, China. A picture of Crayton was displayed at the Wong Fei Hung Memorial Museum; the first non-asian is now a part of history for all times. Crayton demonstrated his art at the Hoi Ping City’s Tai Chi Wushu Association, the Fut San City’s Ching Wu School and the Fut San City’s Wong Fei Hung World Championship Lion School. At each performance, Crayton was warmly greeted with utmost respect and awe.

George Crayton Jr is Kung Fu brothers with Stan Tabor under their instructor Grandmaster LiuChengde. Together Tabor and Crayton performed in front of thousands of people at Zibo University, Shandong Mountain, China.

ZongShi has been inducted into many halls of fame. A few of which include:

  • KUROSHI-DO HALL OF FAME – 2008 – Elite Legion of Honor Award
  • AARON BANKS HALL OF FAME – 2007 – Grand Master of the Year

Crayton continues to promote Kung Fu as President of the UNITED INTERNATIONAL KUNGFU FEDERATION (U.I.K.F.). The U.I.K.F. was formed to bring together fellow kung fu stylists from various systems. One of Crayton’s driving forces is to rationalize with tournament promoters to provide equal and fair judging to Kung Fu practitioners. Crayton is also noted for being the gracious host for the U.I.K.F.’s Hall of Fame Awards Dinners, who adds his personal and warm insights about the honorees of his fellow martials artists’ achievements. As true as his dedication to his art, shared by other kung fu stylists, Crayton hopes to build a forum where ideas are put forward among a united front.

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