Sensei Juan Jimenez serves as Vice-President at the US Open Martial Arts Championship

Sensei Juan Jimenez began his trainning at the age of  17 under Sifu Leung of the Ying Jow Pai system. While trainning in Ying Jow Pai he was able to cross train in hung-gar, pa-kau and jeet kune do. After serval years of training in gung-fu Sensei Juan decided to explore Karate. He joined the Combat Arjuka school founded by Sensei Jonas Mayo where he trained in Shotokan Karate, Judo and Arnis for 16 years. During this time Sensei Juan taught at the Landrum Karate school. In 2005 he was encouraged to open his own Dojo, so he could make a greater contribution to the community. Sensei Juan is currently training with Kyoshi Mosquera an 8th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate.  Sensei Juan also trained with Sensei Mike Martinez in the Mind Mastery system.

Sensei Juan has successfully competed in numerous local, regional karate, kung-fu and arnis tournaments. He has trained and assisted with the training of numerous first place winners. Sensei Juan has refereed in numerous tournaments. In addition to trainning martial art students, Sensei juan has also trained members of the police, army, marines and correction officers. Sensei Juan is a two time inductee into the USA martial arts hall of fame and holds a PHD in Asian studies and martial arts. Sensei Juan is a member and a board of director of the Karate Do traditional Association headed by Kyoshi Mosquera. He has received recognition for his community work by two New York senators,  an Assemblyman and a Councilman. Sesnei Juan’s community work includes providing free self-defense work shops for teen girls and adult women, and conducting free kids safe seminars. Sensei also conducted a special free program for children/teens with low self-esteem and suffering from obesity.

Despite, his accomplishment Sensei Juan is committed to continually increasing his knowledge of personal development, martial arts, fitness, and nutrition so he can serve his students and community in a greater capacity.

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