Hunyuan (Whole Body) Power

The other day, I was reading an article on Song style Xingyiquan in the February 2008 issue of 武當 (Wudang) magazine and came across an interesting quotation. It’s from Song Guanghua, who (if I’m not mistaken) is the current Song family lineage holder. It was interesting to me because he uses the term 六和渾圓整力 (six harmonies hunyuan complete power), which brought to mind the 渾圓一氣功 (hunyuan one qi) that Grandmaster Li Tailiang had talked about recently in a class at his school in Long Island.

The quote is:

Inside and outside in harmony,

上 下互撑,
Top and bottom mutual support each other,

Left and right side strive for supremacy

前后互为作 用,
Front and back are used in application,

Whole body completely coordinated,

先松 后 紧,
First loose (song) then tight,

紧而 速松,
Tight then quickly loose (song),

随松随紧的六 合浑 圆整劲
The looseness and tightness of six harmonies hun yuan power

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