Master Chao-Hai Lan (Buddhist name Yen Shen), born in Kaifong, Henan Province, China, is a secular disciple of the world famous Shaolin Temple of Songshan at Henan and the head instructor for the Shaolin Kung Fu Center New York in Flushing.

Since his early years, Master Lan learned traditional Shaolin Kung Fu from his grandfather. As he grew older, his enthusiasm and passion for Kung Fu began to intensify. Through the referral and introduction by his grandfather and elder brother, who had already taken vows as a Shaolin monk, Master Lan was enrolled in the Shaolin Temple to further his study of Kung Fu. Under the venerable master and Abbott SHI Yong Xin, he was named Yen Shen and became a 34th generation secular Shaolin disciple.

During his time at the Shaolin Temple, Master Lan learnt under several master monks to complete his extremely difficult training, specializing in Tie Tou Gong (Iron Head), Tie Bi Gong (Iron Arm), Jin Zhong Zhao Tie Bu Shan (Golden Bell Glass Hard Cloth), Shaolin 72-stroke Seizing art (Qin Na Shou), Shaolin Traditional Boxing Fight Art and Instruments, and Qi Gong (Internal Forms). With these skills, he represented Shaolin in a number of martial arts performances throughout China. He also went on to become a coach in several martial arts schools for many years.

In 2004, Master Lan came to the United States to further pursue his career as a martial arts instructor and to spread Shaolin Kung Fu. Some of his notable performances in the United States include a demonstration on June 29, 2005 at the Lincoln Center in celebration of the United Nations’ 60th anniversary, which was one of the first Chinese martial arts performances in an international arena, and a demonstration in 2006 at Harvard University, where he invited skeptical students on stage to test his iron-like Qi Gong by attacking him at will. In 2011, Master Lan was invited to attend the Chinas National Day celebration ceremony held by the Permanent Mission of the Peoples Republic of China to the United Nation. In 2012, Master Lan was invited by New York Genting Casino to attend the 15-day celebration of the Chinese New Year. In April 2012, Master Lan was invited by Pop sensation, Madonna to create a Martial Arts inspired dance for her. In 2013, Master Lan received the honorary title of Golden Promotion and American General Representative for Chinese Foreign Hero << Wu Lin Feng>> .

Master Lan hopes to continue spreading Shaolin Zen Kung Fu throughout America, and hopes the Shaolin spirit shall grow in this land so that more people can benefit from the thousand-year-old martial arts.

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