Grandmaster Rik Kellerman has been training Martial Arts for over forty years, starting at age 15 in Northern Shaolin. Over the years, Grandmaster Kellerman has studied many arts, however for over thirty years he has been training and teaching Siu Lum Hung Kuen (Hung-Gar /Hong Jia Kung-Fu) Siu Lum Hung Kuen is considered to be the style to come out of the Shaolin Temple in Fujian completely intact. It is the original Southern Shaolin Five Animal System, based upon movements of the Dragon, Snake, Leopard, Tiger and Crane. Grandmaster Kellerman represents the first generation of Non-Chinese to be teaching this art, and in doing so, teaches it exactly as it has been handed down, without compromising its integrity for the sake of commercialization. He also trains in Shuai Jiao, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, and Kwongsai Jook Lum Ji Nam Tang Long P’ai (Southern Praying Mantis) and is the Owner and Head Instructor of Rik Kellerman’s TEN TIGERS Kung-Fu Academy. Grandmaster Kellerman has been a long time competitor and has one numerous Championships in Forms, Weapons, Self-Defense and Fighting. Many of his students have also become National Champions as well. Due to his experience, Grandmaster Kellerman has been a sought after Official at many tournaments.

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