Shanxi Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc. formerly known as United New Jin-Merchants Association, founded in 2008 under Shanxi Association USA, Inc., and became Shanxi Chamber of Commerce USA in 2009. In May 2015, Shanxi Chamber of Commerce USA, Inc. (SCC-USA) was officially incorporated in the state of New York.

SCC-USA is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit business association. Its purpose is to promote well-beings and causes for the Chinese businesses and business people in USA (especially those from China’s Shanxi Province) in culture, art, charity, education, business practice and business learning. We will focus on the following aspects:

Member Service: Providing a platform for the exchange and cooperation between business social networking that helps them to discuss about the relevant industry, culture and sharing the knowledge and experiences, for Shanxi business people in USA.

Cooperation: Actively promoting economic exchanges and co-operation between United States and China, especially those between China’s Shanxi and the United States; Advocating the JinShang culture, promoting Shanxi’s social progress and developments to the U.S., strengthening the mutual understanding between Shanxi and United States, and acting as a bridge to bring together the American and Shanxi businesses and governmental bodies at all levels in trade and cooperation.

Charitable giving to the society: Actively helping Jinshang or Shanxi merchants integrated into the mainstream of American society and participating in the charitable causes that give our love and contribution back to the society.