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Southern Karate Championships

N.Y Tournaments is committed to the highest quality and prestige of the N.Y. Tournament Circuit. Unfortunately many events are run very unprofessionally, and it tends to tarnish the quality events that are out there.

The good news is after 3 years of running NY Tournaments events, we have changed the perception and outcome of our events. We have been complimented continually on the look, feel, and way the tournament is run, especially the judging and overall professionalism of our events. In fact, over fifty school owners have said we are simply the best.

We received more compliments on the quality of these events then anything. Parents, teachers and students have commented on how organized, clean, and fair our events are run. People have complimented the clean and organized room, the trophy quality, our fully matted facility, our overall look, the judging, and the ease of online registration and day of registration. People love the new Judges and Center Referee shirts. Some parents and instructors said it made knowing who was in charge that much more evident. – No questions, no guessing, no stress.

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