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University of Vermont Tournament

The Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference has a proud heritage and history. Over the course of the last two decades much has changed about the ECTC, including a re-naming of the leauge from the Ivy Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo League (INCTL) to the ECTC in December 2008, but one thing has remained constant – the league has always provided a great venue in which collegiate Taekwondo athletes to grow, learn and compete together. The league has fostered the growth of collegiate Taekwondo tremendously. Not only is the competition fierce with many national level competitors participating, but it provides a great environment for beginners to enter the competitve world of Taekwondo. Competitors only gain not only competition experience by participating in ECTC sanctioned events, but they also make life long friendships.

Competition within the league consists of 5 tournaments held throughout the course of the academic year – currently 2 in the fall and 3 in the spring. Tournaments consist of poomse (forms) and kyorugi (sparring) events. Athletes earn points for their teams by medaling in their particular poomse or kyorugi division. Sparring in the league is performed on a team basis; that is, athletes from the same school form 3-person teams, with each competitor at a different weight division. In order to advance in the single elimination draw, a team of 3 competitors must win at least 2 matches over another team from an opposing school to advance in the draw. Team sparring has fostered a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie over the years, and is a big part of what makes the ECTC so special to its members.

Overall standings at each tournament are determined by the number of points earned by individual poomse competitors and team kyorugi competitors. Furthermore, a year-long points race is contested by all member schools consisting of the total number of points earned by each school across all tournaments. The team with the most points at the end of the year wins the ECTC League Championship and take the ECTC League Cup home until the next season.

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