Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship


Aurora, Colorado, USA

This years event will be even more exciting as we are entering our 5th year. We are happy to announce that Master Shi Yanxu, Director of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA will be joining our tournament and demonstrating the best in Shaolin Kung Fu at the Masters Demonstration. We will be exchanging out the Lion Dance competition (which was really well received last year) with a School Team Demonstration Competition. Where each school will have 8 – 10 minutes to do a demonstration exhibiting their skills. It can be anything from Hand Forms, Weapon Forms, 2 or 3 man Sparring Sets, Team Forms, even Breaking. Whatever, come on out and show the people what you’ve got for a School Team Competition! All schools competing will win a beautiful engraved crystal trophy.

Plus we will have a division for Tae Kwon Do/Karate/Kenpo both Hand and Weapon Forms. We look forward to seeing their arts too.

We also will be having a Grand Champion Awards in the following Advanced Divisions: Wushu / Traditional Kung Fu / TKD-Karate-Kenpo. This will be further broken down into Adults, Teens, Juniors and Kids. Remember this is for competitors in the Advanced Divisions only.

In order to compete for the Grand Champion you must win at least ONE GOLD MEDAL/1ST PLACE AWARD. In the Chinese Divisions you must compete in at least: Hand Form, Long Weapon, Short Weapon. TKD/Karate/Kenpo competitors vying for Grand Champion must compete in at least Hand Form, Weapon Form and Continuous Sparring. All Grand Champions will receive a beautiful Grand Champion trophy and $50 cash.

Grand Champions will receive their prizes during the 5PM Lei Tai Sanda event. Here they will demonstrate their Grand Champion Form and receive their Grand Champion Trophy and cash award. There is no extra fee for becoming or competing for Grand Champion, if you are in the Advanced Division, you are automatically in the running for Grand Champion.

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