CMA Open Championship


Chicago, Illinois, USA

CMA has been hosting tournaments in the Chicagoland area since 2000. We continually strive to put together the best tournament for our participants. Our tournaments mainly operate for Intermediate & Advanced level athletes, but CMA encourages first time and beginning participants. We are sensitive to the abilities of all of our students. We take great care to divide these groups to make sure an advanced student never meets a first time or beginning student in the competition ring. CMA strives to create a welcoming environment for our families and aspiring martial arts athletes to learn the process and familiarize themselves with our sport.

The students are divided by age, instead of event type, with lower age groups competing in the morning and the higher age groups competing in the afternoon. This allows the athletes the ability to compete in more than one event without spending the entire day at the tournament.

We stay up to date with current trends, like featuring the Daedo True Score Electronic Scoring System for sparring. We spend hours training our staff and volunteers to make sure they have current certifications from outside organizations, such as USA Tae Kwon Do. We have 8 fully staffed and functioning competition rings for forms and board breaking. For sparring, we have 6 competition rings, equipped with Daedo True Score Electronic Scoring Systems.

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