Sifu Wong Jan Yum

Sifu Wong Zen Yum (Huang Zhen Qin) is the head instructor for the Choy Lee Fut Hung Sing Gwoon in New York City. He is a direct 6th generation descendant of the Sam Woi (Xin Hui) Choy Lee Fut Association. Wong Sifu has been training Choy Lee Fut for the past 20 years and taught professionally, full time in the Choy Lee Fut ancestral training hall in Guangdong, China. His experience includes teaching children traditional Chinese gong fu, fighters looking to compete in the ring, and senior citizens seeking to improve their health. His students come from all over the world including Asia, Europe, Australia, and USA. He is one of the few teachers able to pass on the full teachings of Choy Lee Fut kung fu here in the Unted States.

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