Sifu James Chin has been a Martial Artist since 1973. He is privileged to be one of the 7 original Swai Jiao Kung Fu Instructors personally trained and Certified by Grand Master Jeng, Hsing Ping in the complete Chinese Swai Jiao system. Sifu James Man Chin was also trained and authorized by Master Nelson Tsou, Yen Kai to teach Traditional Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist Kung Fu. Master Tsou was the senior Kung Fu classmate of Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming who is renowned worldwide as a prominent Kung Fu Master and author. Sifu James Man Chin’s professional experience includes serving as a Chapter President for the American Society of Safety Engineers, and certification as a Safety & Security professional.

Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist

Sifu James Man Chin began his training at the Shao-Lin/Five Tiger Martial Arts Center with Master Nelson Tsou, Yen Kai who was trained in Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist Kung Fu System by Grand Master Li, Mao Ching and Great Grand Master Han, Ching Tan. The Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist Kung Fu System originated from a Buddhist Monastery called the Shao-Lin Temple. This martial art system was refined at the Central Kuo Su Institute by Great Grand Master Han, Ching Tan. Essentially, Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist encompasses traditional Martial Art Exercises, Breathing/Meditation, Stances, Empty Hand and Weapon Forms, Strikes & Kicks, Power & Speed Training, Striking Zones, Fighting Sequences, Theory and Application of Techniques.

Swai Jiao

Grand Master Jeng, Hsing Ping taught Sifu James Man Chin the complete system of Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu as martial arts that encompass Throwing (Swai), Joint Locking (Chin-Na), Striking Techniques (Da), and Kicking Techniques (Ti). The primary emphasis is close quarter combat for Self-Defense (Dze Hwei Shu) and Police Tactics (Dai Bu Shu).

Close Quarters Combat

Sifu James Man Chin also received specialized training in close quarter combat from Sifu Franklyn Salters. These eclectic self-defense methods combined techniques from the 7 Star Praying Mantis, Wing Chun, and Swai Jiao systems of Kung Fu.

Over the years, Sifu James Man Chin has served as a Judge and Official for several national martial arts organizations and tournaments. Sifu James Man Chin wrote the Swai (Shuai) Jiao competition rules for the Chinese Martial Arts Division of the Amateur Athletic Union, and he is a National Advisor for their Chinese Martial Arts Division. Moreover, he was a special guest Instructor for the Round Rock/Austin, Texas Police Academy’s SWAT Team with Grand Master Jeng, Hsing Ping. Sifu James Man Chin also taught Martial Arts at the Fort Totten USAR Military Base in New York City for many years.

Towards the late 90′s, Sifu James Man Chin relocated from New York to California. His students continue to practice and teach in NYC while Sifu Chin instructs the next generation in California. Sifu Chin is the Martial Arts Instructor for the Contra Costa Chinese School at Diablo Valley College in Concord, CA since August 2000. He was formally appointed as the Martial Arts Instructor and Advisor for the Buddha Gate Monastery in Lafayette, CA. Additionally, Sifu James Man Chin has a core group of CMAA students at the Diablo Valley College campus in Concord , CA where he teaches both Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist and Traditional Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu. Moreover, Sifu James is personally training the next generation of KF instructors: Pak Fong; David Yee; Jason Yee; Michael Chin; and Mintai Henry Tang. This select group of martial artists also serves as the Coaches and Assistant Coaches for CMAA; and they have won Gold and Silver medals at both national & international martial art tournaments. Their primary focus is to perpetuate Northern Shaolin Long Fist and Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu as traditional Chinese Martial Arts; and adapt these self-defense principles for modern times.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Sifu James Man Chin began his T’ai Chi Ch’uan training with Lao Shi Howard Lau in 1996 at the Imperial Academy of Martial Arts and Sciences in NYC.
After relocating to California, he studied the Yang Style 24 Movement form with Master Steven Tsao. Afterwards, Sifu Chin became a Tai Chi student of Master Shu-dong Li for both Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan – 24 Movement Form and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Li’s grand-uncle, Li Tianji created in 1956 the first standardized simplified Taijiquan in Chinese history: 24-Form Simplified Taijiquan and he earned the title “Father of Contemporary Taijiquan.” Currently, Sifu Chin teaches T’ai Chi Ch’uan for the Contra Costa Chinese School at Diablo Valley College on Saturdays and also at CSU San Jose State University during the weekdays.

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